Liza's Intro into Aquarium Ownership- A 36 Gal Bow Front FOWLR!

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Sep 14, 2014
Kissimmee, FL

I guess this will be my "diary"of sorts. My birthday was on August 3. I told my hubby that I would like to get an aquarium since I've always wanted one. I am a dually- certified teacher who has spent a good chunk of my 15 years of experience teaching Science (I am certified in General sciences Grades 5- 9 and Elementary Ed Grades K- 6; my BA is in Secondary Ed in Biology and my M. Ed is going to be in Special Ed). I have had 2 aquariums in the past; however, (1) they were classroom aquarium setups, and (2) my students did the planning, stocking and maintenance each time. I just watched and enjoyed.... It's time to venture into the world on my own! :cool:

At first, we wanted a freshwater tank. My hubby wanted a sorority of bettas and I wanted cory catfish (I think the're fascinating creatures!). My hubby bought me a 36- gallon bow front with its stand. Last week I bought its first deco- a vase. Yesterday, we ventured into a local fish store. I didn't know they specialized in saltwater only.... The owner was the one that greeted us. While my hubby went off to see the fishes and corals, I spoke to Sandy. She said, 'I am going to try to convince you to do a saltwater tank instead." By the time we left, we were convinced that saltwater is the way to go!

So the new plan is a FOWLR tank. We both liked the variety of clown fish that we saw in the store. I am looking forward to setting up and learning about my new tank in the next few weeks. This week, the plan is to buy the live rock, sand and water and put the tank to finally cycle! Sandy said that, in a year, I can get into upgrading my system and growing corals. I think it would be quite awesome to do that!

I am glad I found this forum and I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you and gaining some valuable advice from you as well.... God bless! :fish2::fish2::fish2:
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