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Jan 19, 2009
hello everyone, is it ok to have a t8 for a fish and reef tank with corals? i know t5 and MH are the best but i already have a t8. Also do all 48 inch lights fit inside a hood (long ways)? I have the JBL I am thinking of getting a canopy for my tank but concerned over if my lights will fit, or if I have to make some customizations. Also, will ventilation be a problem? I have seen lots of canpoies with lights installed in them. I do believe the hood is open in the back part which faces the wall. Also debating a MH unit, with moonlights. I dont have moonights now and think this would look awesome. might as well upgrade to MH or T5 to get a unit like this. Also how come some of these units have price that vary so much? They range from 160 to 600+ wow. Thanks.
I found out i have "compact fluorescents" and heard they are even better than t5 but not better than MH. I have 2 - 65W inside a 48 inch unit to light a standard 75g.

i just want to know if this is ok for most corals.
what do you think?

The original 10,000K daylight and blue actinic lamp built side-by-side. This lamp contains a crisp, ice-blue daylight and blue actinic for photosynthetic zooxanthellae algae.

Compact flourecents are not better than t5`s. T5`s have much better intensity and thereby much better.
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