Looking for a community fish Red in color.

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Feb 28, 2009
I am trying to add color to my tank to help aid with my sleeping pattern.

I would like to find a schooling community type fish that is red (bright) in color, it has to be a non aggressive fish that is also a fast swimmer, one that could get away from my female beta's, who are also non aggressive but love to play tag. I would like it to be about a 2-3 " fish that I can have 2-5 of or more. I can't think of any Red fish that are fresh water at all that meet this criteria.

Emo Gurl
Cardinal tetras have a great bright red coloring, but they are more like 1" to 1.5". Great schooling and swimming fish though, and you could get a nice school of them to provide a bunch of darting reds in your tank.
both good suggestions but the cardinal tetras would go nicely with the neons. nice thinking.
what size tank and whats in it now? its hard to say get this or that with out knowing.
Well I now I have 8 tanks. Tanks 1-3 3 gallons now hold different size babies. Tank 4 was a rescue 15 gallon-has 5-phantom tetra's, 6 neon glowlights, 6 neon Tetra's, 3 white clouds, and 3 golden white clouds 1 loach and a bottom feeder. YES it is over crowed but the tank has been set up like this for a long time and I haven't lost one fist in it, nor do I get clowdy water. The tank tests perfectly so long as I change the water once every week.
What about Rosy Barbs? Not an especially bright red, but they are red... They do well in communities.

Edit: I just saw op wants "schooling" fish which I don't believe Rosy's are...
Tank 5 is filled with platy's as I have changed my tanks around a bit. And added and 8 if I have't said tank 6 is my molly tank and it contans large and small mollies, but more large then small as I am into the sail fin lyre tails at this time as they are just awesome. tank 7 is my zebra danio/glolight tank and I have to find a better black light for it= this one just doesn't make things pop. tank 8 is my guppy tank and unfortunataly I have lost my show breeder and I paid through the teeth for him as he was the only perfectley orange end to end veil tail guppy that has ever come through my breeders and she saved it for me knowing I was looking for any colored any tailed that was perfectly covered end to end. He was a heck of a breeder and I will have to wait and see if any of the baby's I have were his and if any were male and pick a female just for him and do my selective breeding sooner than I thought.

I would like to add one more tank size 30 gallon to 250-I will be having more room soon.

I am sorry I have not been here much I had to have a catherazation of my heart- 20% blockage in one place and less then 20 in another so I will have to live with it for now. He doesn't believe the chest pains are coming from there yet my ekg's have all been abnormal when I am to have one. I have chest pains often. just another thing I have to live with. Hugs to you all as you are becoming my second family!
I have cherry barbs...5 of em and they are in with an angel, bala shark, gouramis, a catfish, and clown loaches.
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