Loud AC50, just curious.

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Dec 25, 2006
Queens, NY
I bought an AC30 for my new 20g, and it is dead silent compared to my AC 50 on my 46g. It didn't bother me until I realized how quiet I could get it. I took out the impeller on the AC50, and found that the magnet was wobbly on the impeller. Should it be like this? Could this be the reason for the noise? The noise is like a rattling.
It might be the impellor, it also might be the lid. Does the filter make noise when the lid is off? If so replace the impellor.
i have had horrible luck with finding a quiet pump in that GPH range

i actually just bought and returned an AC50 pump as the 3rd try to find one that doesnt rattle.

my rio800 rattles the least...
an CA800 rattles like holy hell
and the AC50 rattles too

CA600 is quiet as a mouse though... all of the pumps have been used to return water from a sump to a 29gal tank (supplimeting a rio1100 which is quiet)

ive givin up trying to find a quiet pump.
No it should not be worn out of round. Yes you should replace the impeller. Check the warranty situation, I think it is a year. Also, check the trueness of the axle by rolling it on a smooth flat surface. It should roll easily without a jerky motion. The jerky motion indicates that the axle is out of true. In fact, when you replace the impeller, just get a new axle and then there will be no problems (but check the new one for true at the store).
The performance really isn't affected that much at all. My water is crystal clear.
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