Loud Red Sea Prizm Protein Skimmer

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Jan 6, 2007
San Francisco, CA
Does anyone use a Red Sea Protein Skimmer? Mine seems to make a lot of noise and I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem and/or has an idea how to quiet it down. It seems to be something with the air intake tube as it generates a loud bubbling sound. I guess I'll try to clean it out. Maybe there is water in there that shouldn't be which is creating that water/bubbling noise. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
It might be a little late, but for what its worth.... Prizm skimmers are junk =/

i used to have one and its literally impossible to balance it right. maybe youve had more luck than i, but turning the valve 1/1983742364782nd of a millimeter to close it and it didnt make enough bubbles, and turning it 1/1983742364782nd of a millimeter to open and it overflowed.

As for the noise... i dunno what it could be. Its a pretty simple thing... if i had to guess its either a seal isnt shut and you hear all the sizzling of the bubbles, or the carbon beads are rattling (maybe somewhere they shouldnt be)

also could be your scum box overflowing.... but im pretty sure thats how that thing is supposed to work (lol)
Ok...yeah, the LFS guy was trying to convince me to upgrade my protein skimmer so it might be time to do that. I forgot which one he was recommending to me so I'll have to ask him again. But it sounds like there is nothing I can do to quiet the damn thing down.

Hahaha! Yeah, I totally know what you mean about getting the balance just right. I think I've found a sweet spot but you definitely have to tweak it every now and then.
I had a red sea prizm and now it's in my closet. It was too noisy. I bought an AquaC Remora. I should have bought it first. It is quiet and works alot better than the prizm. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
Actually, I got it for free from a friend who didn't need it anymore. But it's probably time to upgrade because this is just too noisy.

So if I go with the Aqua C Remora, would it be ok to get the Remora Pro even though I only have a 30 gallon tank? I'm just thinking for the future since I eventually may upgrade to a larger tank. Thanks for the advice!
Actually I have the Pro and the Deluxe and after my mods they're ok.

I did a mesh mod for the pump and replaced the standard airline w/ a slightly larger airline and put a valve at the end w/ a silencer.

In general they're loud but even after the airline mod they are more quiet now.

Without the mods they were junk. Now w/ the mods they're probably equal or slightly better than the Coralife super skimmers.
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