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Nov 12, 2010
Watertown, NY

I am new to salt water aquariums and just starting my 29gal FOWLR. So Far I have 20 lbs of crushed coral, 10 lbs of live sand, an Emperor 350 HOB filter and a coralife 50-50 bulb. I have had water in my tank already and the filter running for just about a week now but that is about it. My SG is steady at 1.023. I plan on introducing my live rock late next week after the tank has been running for about 2 weeks. I am going fishless cycle the tank and have tried using the shrimp method for about 3 days before my wife made me take it out.

I am planning on a stocking my tank with a clown fish, anemone, turbo snails and a blue leg hermit crab. I would like to add one more fish and am considering a blennie but have not made up my mind yet.

I do not even have my 29g setup with fish yet and am looking to get a 55g. I plan on setting up the 29g and having that up for a bit while I get the supplies for the 55g. I have been doing research for the last 3 months before I even added water to my tank but am still very nervous. I will keep you posted of the progress.
Welcome aboard. Glad you found us. Be careful getting the anenome. They need a well established tank of about a year. That way your water parameters are stable and not bouncing all around. Also your lighting is not enough for an anenome. You`ll need a more intense lighting system for it to survive. Keep us updated on the tank. Good luck with it.
Welcome to AA, and I'd suggest reading more about crushed coral vs fine aragonite sand. Might wanna switch before you get too deep into establishing the tank. Crushed coral is notorius for being a nitrate factory and very hard to clean down the road. Can't tell you how many posts at this site ask advice on how to remove it and replace it with sand.
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