For Sale: Low light plants/RCS

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May 13, 2012
I will be selling some of my shrimp and plants as my tank is getting too crowded. This tank has always been disease free, and all shrimp and plants are healthy. I have (to sell):

4 Crypt Wenditti- $.50 (most are small)
3 Jungle Val- $.50 (smallest is 3.5 inches tall)
3 stems of Anacharis- $.25 (smallest is 4 inches tall)

I also have a jungle val that is way too big for my tank. This val's leaves are 20 inches long. I would like to sell this plant for $1.00.

Red cherry Shrimp

I have 2 bunches of 20 to sell. $20 shipped for 20 shrimp. $16 for 10 shipped. Most shrimp will be sub-adults with some juveniles as well.
Shrimp will be shipped with some java moss for the benefit of the shrimp. I will ship via priority mail as early as Wednesday. I will accept Paypal.

Standard DOA applies: picture of shrimp in bag within an hour of arrival. I will include some extras too, DOA only applies when close to the entire shipment is lost. I will refund your money. PM me and we can get a deal worked out. Thanks for looking.
I will include newer pictures tomorrow afternoon


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Other pictures of the plants and shrimp. The leaves are actually around 24" long on the tall val.


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Of course! I have 20 shrimp pending currently so 20 are still available. Pm me with what you want.
All items are spoken for. I will update if anymore become available.
Hi, i was wondering if they had multiplied enough that you need to thin out your shrimp again. :) Thanks!
Yes they have! But unfortunately it is too cold in Ohio to ship right now. I am going to order some heat packs and then I'll let your know.
Hey I'm currently cycling my 10 gallon but when it gets set up I was just wondering if shipping would still be the same for shrimp with the heat packs?
No but I would have to use a larger box and the heat pack costs money too. I'm unsure of what the final cost would be though.
I have 2 bundles of 20 RCS to sell. These are all healthy extremely colorful males and females. These will be shipped priority with a heat pack if need for 25 dollars each. I also have some plants for sale.
3 Java fern plantlets
1 Windelov java fern
2 10" jungle Val
2 20" stems of anacharis

This can be included shrimp orders (or ordered separately) but will cost more for shipping because I will need to use a larger box. If you pm me, I will be able to figure an exact cost for you. Thank you. If you have any additional questions feel free to pm me or post on this thread.


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My shrimp have mysteriously stopped breeding so until they resume, I will not be able to sell any. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Yes I received your pm and I would love to sell you some shrimp but unfortunatly they have stopped breeding. I'm unsure why but until they start again I won't be selling any. Sorry
I would like jungle Val(all you got) and when the cherry shrimp feel freaky again(valentines?) plz let me know if you are selling :) but even a female or couple would be much appreciated!

95003 pm me if/when you are parting with your stock--
Cheers! Lila
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