lps elegance coral sick

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May 30, 2006
I have a large 6-7 in. dia. elegance coral that is losing its tentacles. It has lost 60 to 70% over the last 2 or 3 days. Water quality is good. Lighting with MH and Actinic.

Any suggestions?
I'll say it before everyone else does. Can you update your "myinfo" with tank specs, and give us your water quality (actual numbers, not just "is good")
On your home page, just under where it says Welcome, about 4-5 lines down says Update your Profile.

Once you click on that a new screen pops up, the 4th section down says My Aquarium Info. Most people put the tank size, extra equipment, and # of and types of fish/coral they have in their tank (you can click on my "myinfo" tab to see what I am talkin about).

Others put their info in their signature section instead which is the next section down from the Aquarium info.

Thanks for the help. I have put information in myinfo.

The Elegance coral is on the sand bed. I was told it needed to be there.
water quality;
SP Grav. 1.0235
PH 8.2
Alk. 9-10
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate near 0
Calcium 400-425
I dose with Calcium and KH as needed to maintain levels.
Also supplement with Kent Coral-vite 2 times a week and feed the coral 2 times a week.
water flow; iwaki 70 rated 1500gph main pump, 14ft head nets down to approx. 800gph. All goes through the skimmer/refug./sump. Supplement that with about 1500gph of in tank powerheads.
I'm not a "reefer" so I may be off base here, but when was the last time you had your light bulbs changed?
I know PC and flouerescents should be changed every so often, just wasnt sure about MH's.

I'm sure a "reefer" will jump in and recognize something though.
From looking at you stock list I dont see anything that would munch on them but sometimes certain fish will go against the grain. Usually tangs will not mess with corals but I do know someone that cant have a brain coral because her tangs will nip at them so there`s always the slight possibility. Also there could be some not reef friendly worms, crabs or other life in your tank. Are the tentacles like chewed off or just missing? Your actinincs need to be changed every 6 months IME. Here is what I would suggest. Getting up at night and making some surprise inspections. Maybe Afishy has something here maybe not. Sorry about the rambling but I`m just trying to come up with some ideas.
My understanding is that elegance corals are VERY tuff to keep anyway. May not be anything you're doing wrong at all. They go along for weeks or months, looking just fine, then they slowly go for bad. How long have you had it anyway?
My understanding is that elegance corals are VERY tuff to keep anyway

Yep I have heard thet same thing Ray. I have talked to alot of people that wont even try and keep them.
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