Lunar Lights

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Oct 27, 2003
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What are the benefits to them, and also do only some fish species really need them?

Here are my current tanks
30gal long with a Plec and a Iridescent Shark
30gal high with 3 Cories,1Golden Gourami, 7Danios, 4 rummynose
It all depends...if you have nocturnal inhabitants, the lunar lights allows you to see them during their nightly prowls without disturbing everyone else's sleep.

The other is personal choice. If you hate seeing a "dark" tank at night, the lunar lights provides enough light so the tank is never really "dark".
There are no particular "brands", just a lot of different methods of doing it with standard LED bulbs. There are a lot of threads on this in the DIY forum. Do a search with "LED" and DIY Forum and you'll see what I mean.

You can also find some standard "plug and play" setups at or but those get really expensive if you need a lot of bulbs.
Thast cool wonder how much the kit is, i didnt see a price. I probably could get all that stuff, maybe not the lights from radioshack and whip that up in now time.
the led's at radioshack are way overpriced. each one is like 1.50, while on ebay you can get around 15-20 for 99 cents (with 5$ shipping)
I bought some at my LFS for 11 bucks, easliy installed, works great, and its really cool becuase the creepy blue glow adds so much impact to a tank at night
You can easily make your own but... I wanted a lunar phase controller to give an even more extreme touch to my brackish biotope; I went with a Moonlight w/Lunar Controller from Fishbowl Innovations. I LOVE THIER PRODUCTS!

It's just not natural to have a full moon all the time.
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