lunar lights

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Jul 4, 2007
id like to get some lunar lights for my 46bow... ive got just a single 36" strip now... id love to have a PC with the lunars built in but i dont want to spend 150 or so bucks....

ive seen stand alone lunar lights.. but how do you wire them up... on bigals they have current usa lunar links and lunar lights... whats the difference?

any other ways to add lunar lights? how many whats do i need? how many lights do i need?

I believe lunar links are so you only need one power adapter and can link as many lights as you want together. I just have mine resting on top of my glass canopy, but others on here actually drill holes into their fixtures and wire everything up. The amount of lights you need is all up to you really. I use one and put it in the middle, although I do have another one if I ever want to use it.
Yes, the lunar lights has two led lights and comes with the power adapter. The lunar links also have 2 leds but do not have the adapter. You can attach the lunar link into the lunar lights and if you need more you can attach another lunar link into the first lunar link. As Marconis stated, you can screw these into the canopy. The screws are very small. I'd recommend these lights as they are very inexpesive and easy to install.
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