Made the change from gravel to PFS today!

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I found one small Red Zebra that has the perfect hidey hole and saw a Yellow Lab the other day, but have not seen it in awhile.

I watched my big Acei mom who has a mouthful of fry eat some flakes just now! Thought maybe she had released, but she swam up and I saw the fry rolling around in her mouth. Pretty cool! She's good LOL
Wow, nice pictures indeed. What do they do with a throat full of sand? LOL.
They are like bulldozers! They shovel up a mouthful of sand and spit it out somewhere else! They will keep doing this until they hit bottom. Its funny when one drops their sand in the spot another is digging out! It takes the other one all day LOL

The first time my daughter saw it, she happened to glance at the tank to see sand going everywhere! She says "what the he!!??" It was my Acei doing a full body dig :) She thought that was the craziest thing she ever saw! One time I saw a fake plant walk across the tank! It was a male who thought it didn't belong there so picked it up by the stem and was moving it over hahaha. Never a dull moment in a Mbuna tank, that's for sure.
Thanks HondaKid! How is your Mbuna tank coming along? I saw your post about IDing them and havent seen any more about it. Have you gotten some? That is all that is in this tank. I am having a great time with them!
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