Making the jump to T5 lighting from spiral fluorescent bulbs, need help!

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Jul 7, 2012
Staten Island, NY
Hi guys,

Finally decided to reset my 20 gallon high tank again. After a moving to another apartment fiasco! All my fishes got beat up pretty bad and didn't survive past 1 week! :( I was working on move day. Never again letting anyone else move my tank! I felt so horrible and irresponsible.

I want to buy it new lamp for growing plants but don't want a regular spiral bulb lamp. Was thinking about a T5 light fixture but I don't want to spend an arm and a leg!

I want to do low light plants again like anubias nana, cryptocorynes, marimo balls, dwarf sagittaria, amazon and Parviflorus swords, and water wisteria.

As always all comments, advice and tips welcome,
Grow Lighting - SunBlaster Lighting

under $50 with nano reflector 1 bulb should be plenty for a 20g.
i have 1 24" over my 38G bowfrnt about 19-20 inches above the substrate & plants appear to be coming along well.
i am using the 6500k lite. they have some other bulb choices as well.
unit price was under $45 CAN & replacement bulb's are $9 CAN.
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