For Sale: Malaysian Trumpet Snails

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Aug 29, 2012
Smalltown USA
I have lots of MTS for sale, a mixture of big and small.
10 for $1.00, as many as you want. Shipping/materials $8.00.

I will ship with heat pack via USPS, priority with delivery confirmation, Monday thru Wednesday.
I don't know if I can ship those into Canada. Does enrobed else know the answer to that?
If it's legal, I'd be glad to send as many as you want.
Well as far as I can tell it is legal, but you need a certificate of health or some sort of nonsense for them to cross the border. How you would obtain a certificate of health for a bunch of MTS I do not know lol.
Hi all!
I'll be shipping on Monday, so if you'd like some snails be sure to get your orders in this weekend.

Best wishes,
Hi all! Yes, they are scavengers, and yes, I still have tons. They are mostly medium size right now, up to about a half inch.

I'll have to hold off on shipping any till Monday 3/4, because I will be out of town till then. If you would like some at that time, send me a PM.

Have a great week everyone!
They are burrowing snails correct?

Also I would like to see a pic

I am interested in your snails
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Yes, these little guys burrow in your substrate. Mine like to come out to cruise at night.


They don't get big, maybe an inch or so. Mine are mostly young right now, from a quarter to a half inch apiece.
I definitely want about 50-100 of them if possible..
Just gotta wait till next week to order them, hope you will still have enough left by then!
I'm wondering if I can get some information on them. What are your opinions and experiences? Do they crawl out of the tank? What fish do they get along with?
Hi AngelFishGirl. Malaysian Trumpet Snails are scavengers that eat any leftover food off the bottom of the tank. They only grow to be an inch to maybe an inch and a half at the largest. They dig in the substrate and mine only really come out at night. They reproduce, but not nearly as fast as pest snails. I have never seen one come out of the water, though they like to come near the surface at night. They don't bother the fish and the fish don't bother them. I've heard some of the bigger mouth loaches may eat them, but I've never had any do I can't say. I know a lot of people that but from Mr feed these to offer fish who eat snails to keep their beak trimmed down.
Wow... autocorrect really did a number on that message. Too bad I can't edit from my phone app.
What I was saying was that a lot of people that buy from me use them as food for their puffer fish to keep their beak/teeth trimmed down by crunching on the hard shells.
They are also really good if you have sand substrate, they will burrow and stir up any gas pockets that may be forming. Will eat algae and clean your plants, plus they are livebearers and stay small so you won't be overpopulated too fast like you would with ramshorns.
Generally, they'd be okay with any fish since they tend to stay buried but its still a risk to put them with any fish that could fit them in their mouth.
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