For Sale: Malaysian Trumpet Snails

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Okay. Thanks for that! Well I've got Angels, tetras, guppies, mollies, Cories, ghost shrimp, and glass fish. Not sure how they'd get along!
They would get along fine. To clear up one thing though, if your water parameters are bad they will climb out of the water. A sure way to know if its time for a water change.
Just received the snails, put them in my tank before getting ready for work, before leaving it looked like they were all ready to attack my dirty tank! Thank you. As for anyone else thinking of ordering but unsure, order and you'll spend 70$ less than if you went through a retailer.
Do you still have snails for sale? If so, what else are you selling at the moment?
Hi Cammywammy,
Yes, I have snails to sell. I've also got some Red Wag Platties, some mature, some juvenile. If you're interested, make an offer. :)
Good morning everyone! I'll be shipping snails on Monday morning. If you want some, get you orders to me this weekend.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!!
I would like 20 if you could pm me a total price and the PayPal address so I can send payment if there still available!
I will take 20 as well. Send me your Paypal address and I can send payment. Thanks
PM's sent.

Lots of MTS going out on Monday. Thank you to everyone for your orders!

I would love some but did you ever see f they can be shipped to Canada?
Hi dawn I have sent payment. Ferdinand. Address is
333 market st 14th floor
MAC A0109-146
San Francisco, ca
Thanks Islander!

Ddodad, I'm sorry to say that I cannot ship then into Canada. I sure wish I could, though.
Thanks anyways they are next to impossible to find here.
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