Mardel Live Ammonia (NH3) Monitor

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Jul 25, 2003
Old Town Tacoma know, the little stick on thingy for the inside of your tank? Any opinions on these? I saw it today along side a similiar product for monitoring pH and *almost* took the bait, so to speak.
It's nice in a tank that's cycling, but in a fully cycled, mature tank, it's not really necessary, as your ammonia levels should always be 0ppm. And as for the quality of the test, not sure if it would be compared to a dipstick test kit or not. If it is, then it could possibly be inaccurate. So I say it's not needed. Let's see what others say about it....
I got a similiar product that is put out by sea chem... It says to wait a week for the sensor to get used to your tank water...but mine didn't change for like a month so I just returned the 7-15 bucks I think!
I tried one of these. It worked OK as an indicator of rising ammonia, but there was a lag, and once the ammonia went down it took DAYS for the indicator to drop, and it never went down to zero again.

Waste of money.
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