Marine epoxy use.

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May 12, 2005
Piedmont, NC
Does anyone use the marine epoxy like you can get at lowes in their tank? It says it cures under water etc. Is this the same stuff they sell for mounting corals?
Well, I haven't used it in an aquarium but it works great on a boat. I've used it to make emergency repairs below the waterline on more than one occasion. It sets up up as advertised. I have no idea if it would be toxic or slowly leach toxins that would kill fish and inverts.
i have used it, and the packaging is dead on, and it looks exactly the same... it works too :)
I use PC Plumbing Epoxy Putty from Home Depot. It's NSF rated safe for potable water contact.
I have the pvc cement.. guess that'd work as good as any epoxy huh heh
(guess that shoulda been a no brainer to begin with lol..oh well..)
DragonForce said:
I have also used epoxy, but from the LFS works nice for frags, some heavier corals can be tricky.

are you saying the epoxy from the lfs is a different consistancy then what you get in HD or Lowes? and the consistancy makes it easier to work with heavier frags?

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