Marineland C-series middle basket ?

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Apr 15, 2008
I've now purchased a C-160 cannister off of Ebay, as it was a bargain ($49 bnib). The middle basket is for carbon, which it came with, but I don't want to use it for that purpose. Any suggestions? It came with bio beads for the top basket and a filter pad for the bottom. This is just a simple 20 gallon community tank, with some typical tetras etc...mainly for the kids. I also have two hobs, though will remove one once the canister is up and running. I know, maybe a tad overfiltered but it's better than underfiltered, and I may get a slightly larger tank at some point. I really appreciate all of the help I get on this forum, I wish I would've had this 20 years ago when I got into salt tanks!
I think I got it...

after further research, it'd appear that the plastic scrubbies would be the way to go for this, or maybe a little floss.
I have the c-220 - the difference (aside from being larger) is that I have a tray above my carbon for bio-balls - If you don't want to use the carbon I would suggest getting more ceramic rings - preferably the ceramic rings made by fluval or hydor - these rings appear to more coarse offering more places for the biologics to grow - the ones by Marineland appeared too smooth for my liking -- Feel free to drop me a PM on how the c-160 is working for you and Good Luck
Agreed the ceramic rings are probably your best bet. you could also place the sponges from your HOB into this basket and do away with the HOB right away with no issues.
and another

obvious (but not to me!) great idea, swapping the bio media from one of the hobs into the canister, wouldn't miss a beat! This is a great site!
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