Mattias first saltwater build :)

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Yeah, they prefer groups of 3 or more to school with. They get stressed without other chromis around them. Sorry :/ they really are beautiful fish. Have you considered a neon goby?
I now have 4 blue reef chromis and they do actually school up together. I had 5 but I believe the one that they were chasing probably got caught finally so I now have 4. I was warned that they could kill off one or two in their school which is why i went with an initial stocking of 5. From what I've heard they also like odd numbered groupings so I may lose another one eventually. :-(
Alright so I guess the chromis is a no go. I shall find another fishy.... To live aquaria!!!!
So I had my list verified and...
So I guess:
1 occ clown
1 royal gramma
1 bangaii cardinal
1 purple fire fish
1 yellow watchman goby
1 Midas blenny or sixline(can't decide)
Alright so I got 40$. I'll be getting the egg crate, test kit on amazon, and one small thing. Maybe food.
You might not be able to buy food, all depending on the kit you buy. Mine was 28$ with shipping. Eggcrate will run around 12$ so your at your limit.
Yeah I spent 23$ on test kit and egg crate will be 12$ here. So yeah with tax I'm about there.
SwimsWithFish said:
Thanks! Im going to a lfs today to look at there ora blue mandarins.

A lot of the ORAs revert back to Copepods. Ask for them to show them eating pellets.
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