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Feb 7, 2014
I've had 2 Banghai cardinals for about a year.

One has always chased the other a little bit. Last night I noticed one was chasing the other more than normal. Really following him
Oh man that's a bummer. I've never seen mine move fast enough to chase anything .
I got cut off

He was hounding him. They have been together for a year and one day he woke up mean. That was yesterday.

This Morning I get up and one is dead with his friend swimming around his corpse

I don't know enough about breeding them. Maybe they were a couple and she would not give it up?
They tend to be more aggressive when kept in pairs.
Is you can, get 3-4 more and place them and the original one in a Tupperware container for 30 minutes and release them into the tank.
Good idea with the Tupperware

I just found it odd that they would be "ok" for a year and murderous overnight :)
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