Media for cannister filter question

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Oct 15, 2004
I just got a fluval 204 for my 29 high light planted tank. In the past I have used biowheels and haven't had to deal with filter media.

The fluval came with short ceramic tube media. Lots of pores and stuff to grow bacteria, and two bags or carbon. (

What should I put in the other two trays instead of the carbon? I saw that there are other ceramic prefilter beads to catch smaller partcles and prevent the biomax from clogging. DO I need these? Or should I just fill up the trays with more biomax or plastic bioballs etc..
what's it got for sponge media?

a coarse sponge in the bottom, then a fine sponge, then your ceramic rings, and then an optional layer of filter floss at the top for fine particulate matter.

save carbon for removing meds, odors or discoloration of the water (which, ideally means you'll have spare carbon for many moons)
It came with what I think are two "coarse" sponges. All of the water goes through them first, then up through the trays and out.
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