mimic octopus

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Lol duh. I was just wondering about personal experience. I have read they escape easily, and are difficult to feed at first, those were my main concerns...
No experience, nut I know they get up to 2 feet large. Gonna need a big tank.

BTW - what's the fun in having one if there's no one else in the tank to mimic? :)
All octopus are escape artists. People who own them have to lock down the lids to their tanks. They can live out of water for a period of time so they get out of their tanks and wonder around. They hide most of the time and can squeeze themselves anywhere and through anything.

Here's a couple of links showing what "great" pets octopus make. (wink wink)


Somewhere, looked but couldn't find it again, there is an article written by a guy who worked in the cephalopod area of a marine lab about why octopus make such bad pets. When he got to work in the morning they would have to do a head count and then find who was missing. They were finding live octopus in desk drawers and bookcases. They can squeeze themselves into beer bottles so they can fit through even the tiniest spaces to escape. So when they are in your tank... Odds are you aren't going to see them.

You should save the money from the octopus and get your diving certification. Thats a way cooler way to interact with an octopus. And you won't have to change all that water every time it inks to hide from you. Lol
Yeah deff bad pets, I thought they were wayyy smaller,bu of course, after a night of drinkin, they do sound pretty cool haha
They don't make bad pets per say, if you can deal with their early demise. There are ways to keep them secure in an enclosure and quite simple if using acrylic. They are by far more fascinating than any fish and much more personable just as long as you choose the right species to work with and give it the proper care.
I saw one in an LFS about 2 years ago--a real mimic octo. It was probably one of the most amazing animals I have ever seen. Reminded me of a lion fish. I tried an octopus once. I did not have a lot of experience in the hobby. The local LFS ordered it for me. I had high expectations and when I saw it, I was a little dumb founded. It was really small and hiding. The owner of the shop packed it up for me in a bag with very little water. It looked like a spider and I think it was very young. I got it home after a 20 minute trip. I kept it in the paper bag so as not shock it, but when I took it out to float it in the tank water, the water was cloudy and dark--it inked. I didn't realize that the ink could be fatal to the octopus in a small body of water. It was stiff, but I tried to acclimate. When I released it into the tank it sunk to the bottom like a stiff tree branch and was dead as a door nail. Really disappointing--I was young, maybe 12.

I did some more research and knew I wasn't prepared for an octo. They don't live long and hide quite a bit. They need a dedicated tank as you know, and I would consider them difficult to maintain if they don't end up crawling out of the tank through the smallest of openings.

Give it shot, or if you want something more active try a cuddle fish: amazing creatures as well.
They sound awesome to keep it be a battle of will to the highest degree lol, except the short life span which just kills it I'd want it for life and be devastated when it died
working on second mimic octopus now. fist one died in qt when it stuck its tenticles into my filter. very amazing creature. recomend when using on tank filter cover holes with panty hose or filter sock
mr_X said:
i'm not suggesting a pet, i'm just mentioning an awesome creature.

Yeah, I know, I'm just saying incase anyone wanted one lol. They're really awesome, as most sea creatures are.
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