Mixing Red Sea Coral Pro salt

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Jul 15, 2012
Dracut, MA
I am in the process of switching over to this red sea salt mix and while searching thru different forums i found out some interetsting information in regards to the mixing of this RSCP Salt.. From what the company recommends is that you only have to mix it for no more that 4 hours max with no aeration needed at all (2 hours will do).. Here is the information i found and a video from the company itself..
Just thought i would post this, it may help some people out...

Technical Notes:
1. Coral Pro was specially designed for enhancing the calcification process in all corals. It contains elevated levels of the foundation elements (calcium, magnesium and the carbonate alkalinity components) and is recommend to be mixed to a salinity of 35ppt. The combination of high levels of foundation elements and salinity makes the elements close to their natural saturation levels in seawater enhancing the possibility of precipitation.
2. The raw materials used in the latest formula of Coral Pro dissolve much quicker than in the past and even if the seawater is not to be used immediately, it should not be mixed for much longer than required to dissolve the salt. In fact Coral Pro salt has gone from being one of the slowest salts to dissolve, to one of the fastest, particularly when taking into account the levels of the foundation elements for the accelerated growth of SPS corals.
3. Due to the thermodynamics of the dissolving process of the salt formula, water that is significantly cooler or warmer than the recommended 20oC/68oF will slow down the mixing process. Warmer water is a contributory factor to causing precipitation of the foundation elements making the water cloudy.
4. Mixing the salt with high agitation at the water surface increases the amount of CO2 that evaporates from the water causing an increase in both pH and alkalinity that enhances the chance of precipitation.
5. The built in inaccuracies of home measuring tools (weighing the salt, volume of water and quality of hydrometer/refractometer) may lead to a salinity of 1-2 ppt more than desired, increasing the chances of precipitation.
6. Due to excessive vibration during shipping and the different particle sizes and weights of the various elements in the salt, sometimes the mix can lose some of its homogeneity. This can lead for example to higher calcium levels at the top of the bucket which can cause precipitation (cloudiness) on mixing. Dry mixing the contents of a bucket will restore the original homogeneity.

Mixing instructions:

Mixing Instructions:
1. Use RO water that is at ambient in the UK a temperature of approximately 20OC/68OF is optimum .
2. Accurately weight the salt and measure the volume of water according to the salinity you wish to achieve.
3. Pour the salt gradually into the water. Do not pour water onto the salt.
4. Mix vigorously (without aeration) for approximately 0.5 - 2 hours, until all of the salt is dissolved and pH has stabilized to 8.2 – 8.4” - DO NOT mix for more than 4 hours.
5. When mixed, raise the temperature and add to the aquarium. (Not absolutely necessary for a small water change)

Any further questions feel free to ask, I should point out that it is highly recommended to dry mix any brand of salt as they can all suffer from possible stratification.

Check out the latest video on mixing Red Sea Coral Pro salt
Maybe that's why I used to have all the brownish chalky coating on my ph, drum and heater... Went thru about 4 buckets of Red Sea pro, before switching to I/0 reef crystals about 2 years ago now. Am to satisfied to go back now...
I was going to try reef crystals but they are having a sale on the Red Sea Pro at Dr Fosters&Smith so i thought id give it a shot.. I kinda like not having to wait the 24hrs before having to use it.. Especially if you have to do an emergency water change for some reason..
I have been using it and mixing for 90 minutes with good results
Sounds good guy.. I really like the idea of be able to mix it up quickly and doing my water change in the same day... I live in a Condo and i dont have a lot of room in the kitchen where i mix my water (which usually sits there for a day or so mixing). A couple hours will work out much better for me, and the wife will like it too im sure ..
Ha, yeah wives hate that clutter and the quicker I get the trash can put away the better
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