Molly help. Just dropped fry, white spot near anal fin and back to looking pregnant a

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Jan 28, 2019

Super newbie here. We definitely haven't been perfect in setting up our 20 gallon tank, but I've been trying my best to do a lot of research to keep thing working...

So main question currently is about my golden (maybe gold dust) Molly.

We've had her for less than 2 weeks and she dropped fry on Friday night (?) Sometime shortly after we did our first water change.

I thought she was pregnant from her look, but didn't realize that she'd dropped them. I even said, "she doesn't look pregnant anymore" and the day after that I suddenly found fry hanging near the top of the heater. (We had decided to just let nature take it's course as we weren't super excited about having a ton of babies to deal with.)

Well, she's been very active now and everything seems to be going okay but I've noticed a white mark on her underside near the back, between her mid section and her anal fin. Today, she also is back to looking pregnant.... So color me confused about all this. I have included some pics but my God it's hard to get them to be any good!

Thank ls for any advice you can give!


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Hey, I know this post is a few years old, but I’m wondering if you’ll see this and let me know what happened and if you figured out what it was because I have the same problem. (Or if anyone else sees this and knows.)

Anyways, my black molly looks pregnant, and she has a white dot between her anal and pelvic fin. She is swimming normally, but she does separate herself from the others, and stay still for a few seconds at a time, and looks rounder (all signs of pregnancy). My concern is the white dot and if it is a sign of pregnancy or something else?

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