Molly mystery frys?

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Jul 16, 2021
I have a fairly new take that was set up in February. This take was set up as a classroom pet situation but has since moved with me to an office. Up until recently I had one platy, two mollies and a plecostomus. In early April we noticed one fry in the tank and we seperated it from the others until it was big enough. It was released into general population sometime in May. In July I returned from a short vacation to find 14 fry in the tank.
Heres where the mystery comes in, I am fairly certain that both of my adult Mollys are female (they have the anal fin) and it looks like the first fry we found is also female.
I assumed that the first fry was a result of something that occured while at the pet store but this second batch is signifantly later.
Any ideas?
Female mollys can store sperm for several months (up to a year i think) and produce young every couple of months from the stored sperm.

No immaculate birth im afraid, not the messiah, just a very naughty boy. Expect more fry. And if you arent careful with seperating male from female in your young, expect even more fry.

To be sure of not getting fry, male only is the way to go.
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