Moonlight lighting?

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Apr 27, 2006
I forgot whose gallery I saw it in. But a saltwater tank had a moonlight lighting. It cast nice shadows in the tank. I was wondering how that effect is achieved, and how much it costs. I have a 29gallon euro.
It's not too hard, if you took a high school level electronics course. Just pick up a DC power supply, blue LEDs, and the appropriate resisters.

Look at the specs of the LEDs to compute the value of the resistors needed to drop the DC voltage enough for the LED.

There are lots of detailed directions available on the net:

I suggest if you're not already confortable handling DC electronics, that you get someone else to check your math and supplies before you assemble or power up the system.
or you could just buy one of the light strips...they're pretty cheap on ebay i've seen. How long is your tank? If its relatively short, then you can get them pretty cheap...just do a search on ebays pet supply section for "moon light"
Here is my moonlight.

Its the Odyssea strip, I like that its water proof and submersible.


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