More bad luck. Tank leaking.

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Mar 31, 2004
Accokeek, Maryland
OK, first the xenia crash (or whatever) 2 weeks ago. Killed off all the coral clams, stars, and snails. Fish shrimp and hermits seem to be OK. Fighting ammonia, but getting it under control. So, then I buy a 155 to replace the 72. Planning to set up in about 2 weeks.

Yesterday, I come home and the 72 has a leak at the bottom. Slow but steady. Spent last night running around buying a temp tank. Got a 29g to transfer my fish into today and break down the 72. Tang, midas bleny, pair of clowns, neon blue goby, citron goby, and a mandarin. Cleaner shrimp, pistol, and hopefully a CBS or 2 still behind the rock. The 29 will take the place of my 20g QT when its all over. Gonna be selling a complete 20g QT setup soon.

If it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have any these days. Gonna be busy today. Hopefully, I can get the new tank up earlier, but I'm having a custom made fuge I probably wont get until another week.

Oh well, gotta go get busy.
Thankfully its drizzling. Just got back with a 36bow and solid wood stand. Roozen's came thru after all. Taking the 29g back of course. I really wanted about 40g anyway for my new QT and current bailout tank, so the 36 works well.

Anyway, I'm seeing more opportunities now anyway. The wife (my sweetheart) is graciously allowing me to go in whatever reasonable direction I need to right now. Opportunies feel more gooder than disasters right now.

Gotta start thinking my rock thru. Half and half I think for the 155.
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