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Feb 21, 2005
Round Rock, TX
So I just hooked up a new ro/di 100 gpd filter. My tap water phosphates is reading 1.0.

My Ro/Di water is reading .5 phosphates.

I use an Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test.

The tds of my final water is 0.

Thanks guys.
excuse me for asking. Where are the Questions? this sounds more like a statment that you are happy with the unit. If so I would revise the thread title, if not, ask away :mrgreen:
Gah...apologies. I get so wrapped up providing the information that I forget to ask the question.

The question is: Is this normal? It is a brand new unit...shouldn't there be 0 phosphates?
Yes, I have run at least 5 gallons through it. As a matter of fact...I just finished my 3rd 5 gallon batch and it's still 0.5 phosphates...actually inching closer to 1.0 in color.
really depends on the grade of filter your using. Some higher grade cardridges will filter out more stuff than others. Personaly I like the products at

Little more money, but In my Opinion, worth it. you really got to dig into the specs on the cardrige your getting, to see what all it is supposed to remove. the smaller the micron rating, the better it can get almost any brand to fit your unit.

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