My 72 BF

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Apr 25, 2010
My 72 BF with 30gal sump.


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Thanks. Right now i have a bi color angel and a mated pair of gold stripe maroon clowns that love the nem
Sorry the pics arent that good. They are taken with my phone.


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Thank you very much. The lil maroon male doesn't really like to come out of the Nem you can kind of see him in the 3rd pic. I will have to try my actual camera to take better pics.
Here is the 30gal DIY sump I made, with the 30gal that I upgraded from:)


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Lookin good. Just a thought, maybe you could add some more lr to the sump, but thats just optional, although the more filtration the better.
I have been wanting to get more but money is tight right now. Live rock isn't I only want to get some rubble for in there.
Have you turned off the return pump to see what the water level in the sump would be like if a power outage occurred? I could be mistaken.. but from here it looks like there's hardly any room for water from the DT to fall back to without overflowing the sump. And looking at where the return line is placed in the DT, it only worries me more.

Just wondering...
Yes I have tested it, and also had the real thing happen. I have a check valve on the line so water only flows one way. I do however have to get a longer n tube so I can have the pump down on the floor of the sump. In your opinion where should my return line go into in my DT?
Well i don't think you can change it now since it looks drilled right? But if i were you, i would have drilled it a few inches higher. My return line is drilled maybe 3 inches from the lip of the tank, with the loc-line stretching towards the surface of the water. I have minimal drainback with that setup and when my return shuts off i probably get about half a gallon of water draining back, which is nothing since there's about 3G of space in my 10G Fuge.
No it is not drilled just up and over the lip. I will look into fixing it. thanks for your opinion. I appreciate all the help I can get :)
Oh then.. actually, if it's sitting over the lip then you could definitely try and raise it just a couple inches.. but i thought that you don't get any drainage if you have the return line coming up and over the lip?
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