My betta won’t stop eating VEGETABLES!!!

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Oct 4, 2023
So I purchased a super red pleco almost a month ago, and feeding it has been difficult as the pleco is picky,, and I have a greedy gluttonous betta that won’t stop hogging all the vegetables. When I tell u he was feasting on that cucumber and filling his stomach uP. Algae wafers are out of the question as there’s fish meal in them and he absolutely goes feral. What can I feed my pleco that doesn’t involve vegetable easily eaten by betta? Cucumber and peas are a hard no, he has feasted on both.

I’m even resulting in trying to up the algae in my tank so my pleco has something to eat. I may need to rehome her :( though she’s eating SOMETHING as I see her poop often. Help :(


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Maybe he is a vegetarian. haha

Maybe he is a vegetarian. lol. Just kidding. I could not resist. :lol: I have a picky betta, he only eats certain pullets, and that is it. I try to introduce new food for him, he eats it sometimes. I try to put in new and different food in, besides the pellets.
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