my first pulsing xenia :D

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Someone suggested right after you remove the Xenia to put that there.

I'm trying the suggestion to put galaxia on the rock after you remove it.
I've had it there a couple weeks, too soon to tell.
Ok I've moved it down a bit to a lower flow and not so close to the lights but there still closed should I give them a few days? I might take the carbon out but will that mess up anything
Kind of like killing a snake infestation with Mongooses. What do you then do with the Mongoose? Galaxia has been the "hottest" coral I ever introduced. It can look at a neighboring coral and sting it. But it IS easier to remove when needed. There is a lot of argument about carbon, I have always used it on and off to polish the water, but I may have been wrong to use it as more and more evidence seems to be piling up that it causes more trouble than it's worth.
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