My fish is blind! How do I feed him?

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Dec 22, 2013
Hey, all. I posted the other day about my guppy being lethargic. However, today I decided to test whether or not he was blind due to my boyfriend's suggestion. He doesn't know when things are in front of him, bumps into his friends and the glass, and drifts toward the corners and bottom of the tank.

He also has been having difficulty eating. He is skinnier than the other guppies in my tank and barely, if ever, eats. I am almost positive that he is blind.

We put him in a tiny glass with food that had garlic on it so that he could smell it, and that's working okay, but he still can't see the food. How else can I feed my poor guppy?
I would get a pipette, soak the food in some water and suck it into the pipette and basically shoot it straight into his face, slowly.
I have to do that with an Angel who seems to have either vision or smell problems and he can get enough food in his mouth with this method.
Have you tried live food? Brine shrimp would be worth a try they are cheap and easy to hatch. If that doesn't work you could get tongs and wiggle his food in front of him. I've had a few fish that I had to do that worth it worked the best for him.
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