My lfs have a spotted puffer that is awesome

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May 15, 2011
Drexel Hill, PA
I'm looking to add another fish to my 46 gallon fowlr. My lfs have a spotted puffer that is awesome. After doing research I've found that the Min tank size for him is a 50 gallon. Right now in the tank is a maroon clown, talbot damsel and a yellow tail damsel. Does anybody see any problems with me putting him in my tank.
The guy at the lsf said he's not aggressive he's in a tank with other damsels and some tank raised maroon clowns. I'll be getting 15% off because I told the manager about the death of my lawnmower blenny that he sold me. So the only thing i wanna know more about is a proper diet for him. Does anybody have a spotted puffer that could chime in on what there diet consist of that would be great
Here's a pic of the tank he MIGHT be going in if I buy him.


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They get about 4 - 4.5 inches big. Not coral safe, but you could try adding some cheap ones to test. Just feed them crustaceans. I saw one of these puffers at my lfs as well. It was all by itself since the shop keeper told me he was violent toward tankmates. They are very interesting fish. Depending on the personality you get, the spotted puffer might not accept tankmates. If you do buy it and it starts to constantly nip your coral or fish, then return it back to the lfs.

Edit: this little guy only need 30gal and you can feed him frozen raw shrimp at the grocery store. Thaw before feeding.
Thanks for the info. Right now the puffer is in a tank with about 8-10 tank mates so ill see how it goes. I'll be picking him up today :)

If anybody has anymore info on this lil guy I would really like to hear it

Well my buddy had o.e and it would kill any fish that had red color not saying urs will but just b careful with it
Thanks again for the info. So I got my puffer last night and he's the coolest. I'm a lil concerned because my talbot damsel keeps smacking him with his tail. But he's not mean at all atleast right now he's not I'm thinking I'm gonna have to remove the talbot and put him in my hospital tank for a week or to the give the puffer time to settle in. Here a few pics of him. Sorry for the bad quality he's pretty fast.


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I had to take out the talbot damsel and put him in my refugium on my reef tank for a little bit until I figure out what I can do with him. I would like to be able to put him back in the tank but I don't want him to go after the puffer anymore. Here's a better picture.


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I caught a small sharp nosed puffer about a month ago and he is really peaceful towards my clowns and blenny. Really cool looking little guy.
Ya he really cool. He has even gotten way more active and started eating once my talbot damsel was out of the tank :)
Thanks for the reply guys. When.were talking about feeding him clams what type of clams are we talking about and how often should I feed them to him
Not sure about your type but I buy my porcupine puffer clams from the supermarket 3 times a week . I just open them and sit them in the tank .
I used to get some from the LFS, a but more expensive but they were gut loaded so it was worth it. I would feed every couple of days. Usually one or two halves of the clam.
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