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Dec 11, 2011
My brother gave me a 20 gal tank and stand yesterday so now I have a new project on my hands. I have to clean it because it was in his attic. I have to get parts for it and put everything together. I thought I might post updates so I can get advice or ideas from everyone on what to do with it once I get it going. Here is my beginning pictures before I clean it or doing anything to it.


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Cool hope you do great on the "project" looks good condition though. Have any idea what you might stock it with?? Anything planned? Good luck though !!
I haven't thought about what fish yet except my corys will be going to this tank and its going to have sand instead of gravel. My other tank have gravel but I want a completely different look with this one.
Lookin good! I love a good build:). Hope everything turns out alright! 20g is great size plenty of room for stocking!!!!
What is the best substrate to use? I have gravel in my other tanks but I want a completely different look in this tank. I was think about sand but I'm reading some bad stuff about it. Is there something else you can use instead of gravel or sand that will look as good? This is going to be a freshwater tank. I'm not brave enough yet to try saltwater.
Try pool filter sand. :) Honestly all the worries about gas pockets in sand is a blown out of proportion.

Is there a preferred brand to use? I looked at what the pool filter sand looks like and I like the look of it. I think thats what I'm looking for. (y)
If you're going the planted route and got some cash you can spend you can try Flourite.

But pool filter sand is by far the best and cheapest you can get.
Has anyone ever used plant substrate? I always use real plants and I don't usually have any problems getting them to grow in gravel. I was just wondering if it works and is good for the fish. I was thinking maybe I could blend the the plant substrate with the pool filter sand. Any thoughts?
I finally got some parts for my tank. My filter and heater arrived today. I'm looking forward to getting this tank going. I've got to wait on my income tax to get everything else though. :(


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I got my PFS today! I'm doing a combo of pfs and Floramax. I mixed the two because I like the color/look and I'm going to add moss and plants. I'll post pics when I'm done. :lol:
I made a cave out of a party cup. I've got it set up to where I can see whats inside. I have to add more sand but I didn't want to add to much right now then have to redo it. The rainbow house is just added to get my fish something else to hide in until I can get my other cave in there. I also have to get bigger plants to put in and I want to get a little moss. I still don't have a hood but I think I'm going to get some plants that go on the water surface. Oh, and I need some driftwood. Anyone know any good places to get some? I don't have any good water sources where I am to find any.


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I added another cave made from a solo cup and then made a hill with the sand. I also used my cave from my old tank so I could take out that rainbow one. I added another air stone. All I have left to get is the plants that are going in and I need to get a few fish. I'm going tomorrow to look at what I can get. A pet store in my area is going out of business and they have everything marked down, so keep your fingers crossed that they have aquarium plants left. What are the best tall plants to get? I know I want some java fern and moss.


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I got my fish and plants today. I haven't added the plants yet because I have them in another tank that way if they have any snails or other passengers hopefully they'll come off in it rather than my tank. I'll post pictures when I get it all set up. I got a java fern (one was all they had), some anacharis, moneywort, some amazon sword, and a moss ball. I got ghost shrimp, teras to replace the ones I lost so no I have a school again, and cories to replace the ones I lost so I have a school of three again.
I added my plants and I've just about finished it up. I got a hood but I had to take it back because it wasn't the right size. I'm going to have to custom make a hood. I measured 24" and I got a 24" hood but it was about 1/2" off on all sides. Here's what it looks like now with the mesh top my husband made.


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Did you know that with the anacharis plant that you can cut off the top of the plant (when trimming or just because you felt like it) you can put the bottom of the cut off plant into the substrate and it'll grow roots! And also, sometimes at places where the plant branches off a root will grow! You can cut it at the base of the branched off part an plant that! (actually that's a good indicator that it's about trimming time)
I did know that about anacharis. I'm hoping moneywart is the same way. I didn't but as much of it and I like the way it looks so I want to spread it around. I wanted more java fern but they only had one plant left.
All stem plants can be trimmed, at any time, and replanted. Java ferns will grow baby plants on their leaves. You can pluck them off when they have a 2-3 leaves and attach elsewhere. You can also cut the rhizome in half (leaving at least 2-3 leaves on each) to create two plants.
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