My QT tank due to ICK

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Well i thought about the pipes but me and the guys at the station might make them a plastic world tmrw with a blow torch and cups.

Always an interesting shift.

They are much more active, lowering the salinity is allowing more oxygen to diffuse into the body. The gammas one white dot is gone.

As for the display tank.... Alone it waits for its swimming brothers. Very sad. I wonder if the large vender everyone gets the fish from in the whole state QT the fish before dispersing them out to all fish shops in GA.
Ok store says my salinity is way to aggressive. I had it at 1.0007.... I added salt... Waiting

How to i get PH back up? Its 7!
1.007 is not a death sentence and not really anything to worry about..I always do my hypo at 1.008 ,,just raise to that

Just add some ph buffer
We are at 1.010 now. Im keeping it. I have to go get buffer so im hoping my salt mix will also help raise ph
Increase the flow in the tank so that you have surface agitation. Put a power head in there. That will raise your ph.
1.010 is not true hypo conditions for killing ick..I know it may be a pain,but it should really be at 1.008-.009 ,these are the proven numbers that ick cannot survive in...
My husband went to a marine store, with a marine biologist, and he said

" all fish have ick"

So why do we all treat it!!!???

He's bringing home a refractometer so ill know the real value of my salinity soonIll have to use buffer mr x i ran out of power heads.
Ok now he just called and is bringing home a clown.

Im loosing control of this tank.

Also " the fish store" said to due copper remove the carbon. And in a few weeks pit them back in but rule is 30 days.

I thought the reason we QT is to kill off the parasites in the display tank? And also to be able to treat fish wo hurting lr.

Comments PLEASE
I don't think all fish have ich, but many of them do. We treat it because an ich infestation can kill the host.
Do not use copper in the display tank, and you don't need to use copper at all, because you are using hypo, which is a lot less harsh on your fish.
All fish do not have ick..Tank bred ones don't,unless they are mistakenly housed with wild caught ones..
The reason to QT is to keep parasites out of DT and to give new arrivals some down time...Lets them get food without competing with established tank mates too and being bullied while still in shock from shipping and/or transfers..
IMO there is no reason not to QT.
Wow, just wow to that LFS.
Where will the clown go?
We're also in hypo right now - - so I totally sympathize.
We've gotten a handle on pH following advice from that thread and around the web. Using a very very slow drip of sodium bicarbonate water. So slow you don't want to sit there and time it, I gave up after 5 minutes. Kind of a pain to set up initially, but much better than constantly trying to adjust.
We also put an airstone in one HOB filter (with it in the tank the fish seemed a bit spooked). Since we have two HOBs running, there is plenty of movement.

- D
Well he came home with a needle nose hawk, a feather duster and many button polyps that he glued to my favorite purple LR.

I love him. What was i supposed to do.

So they are in the DT. All chemistries reading perfect. Ill keep an eye on the hawk.

All the years that were in between then and now this is the first I've heard of a QT tank for a "chillin vacation" but i do like the thought behind it and see it as a great thing.
Well they have no spots and look great. 3 more weeks.... Although the store said if they look better to start increasing the salinity back up.

I have TWO tanks now and both are due for there weekly water change tomorrow after church.

I think i may look into different fish diseases and find ways to effectively treat them and do that as a specialty.

OH YEAH the hubby wants a bigger tank!!!!!!! WOOOOHHJPOOOOOOOOOO
Wow lots of Ick going around lol I also have a royal gamma and strawberry basslet in hypo at the moment good luck
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