My wife brought home 4 Comet Goldfish.

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Nov 12, 2010
North Las Vegas, NV

My name Jared and about three weeks ago my wife brought home four Comet Goldfish that they were giving out free at the Hospital where she works. I was very upset, I did not want anything to do with the responsibility of caring for fish.

She picked up a one gallon fishbowl and put them in. I told her that they would not live long in a bowl, but she insisted that "people do it." Well, with a water change about every six hours, three of them made it about a week, but sadly passed on. The water became very cloudy in a matter of hours with four goldfish sharing one gallon of water.

She ended up buying a Marineland 10 gallon tank set from Petsmart, and put the remaining Comet in, he survived another few days, but sadly also died. Well, this whole episode got me researching the cause, and now I have become quite interested in aquariums! I learned that a tank needs to be "cycled" before you put fish in it, or the toxic ammonia will kill them.

I now recently purchased a 55 gallon Fujimoto aquarium along with a Rena XP3 filter in the hopes of doing something larger someday. I would like to do a saltwater tank with coral.

well thats a sad story, but welcome to AA and to the great hobby of aquariums!

its absolutely great youve read up on this and learned about cycling, as yes it can kill fish, and quick.

i suggest you read up on fishless cycling before starting up that 55

onto that subject, a 55 is a good size for a start SW tank (the larger the better as parameter changes dont happen as rapidly or quickly as in smaller tanks)

begin to read up on starting a SW tank as it has some specifics youll need to know before starting

as you come across questions ask them here! this place is a wealth and everyone is friendly here

Sorry to hear about the Comets.... and VERY glad you starting your research before you started the tank!! a first step in the right direction...
Welcome to AA and the obsession! :)
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