Mystery Snail Eggs?

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Dec 11, 2021
Kansas City
I have two mystery snails... and I'm thinking I may have eggs. I've tried to attach a picture. I expected them to be in a glob, not spread out around the rim of my tank, so I'm questioning if I'm right that this is snail eggs. Can anyone confirm?



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Looks like styrofoam insulation pellets! Mystery snail eggs certainly don't look like that. Even if they were laid where a bubbler is on at fire hose strength they'd likely shift as a lump instead of spread out individually.

Who else lives in the tank, and have you researched what their eggs would look like?

Still, seems less like eggs and more like inert matter. Have you reached in and scooped a few up to see if they're hard, mushy, etc?
Yes, not MS eggs. Did you add any tissue cultured plants, sometimes the gel stuff isn't rinsed out all the way.

Just do an image search of Mystery snail egg clutch and you can see what the actually look like. I know I had a pic but can't find it right this second.

They are laid above the water as the developing babies breath air until they reach their full development (with gills) and can hatch and go into the water to live. If their clutch gets covered in water they would die from not being able to breathe air.
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