mystery tank...

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it is most definately a dalek! i cant wait to start working so i can save up the money to make this thing... i have a few parts made in cardboard right now (base and fender) and i made a mini dalek tank, just to show how it will look... i cant wait til its done and has fish in it!
You should do a predator tank! To go along with the whole "exterminate!" motif ;) Too bad snakeheads are illegal, cause a dwarf snakehead woulda been perfect lol
You should do a predator tank! To go along with the whole "exterminate!" motif ;) Too bad snakeheads are illegal, cause a dwarf snakehead woulda been perfect lol

im doing a dwarf freshwater angel tank, with a couple upside down cats and some kuhli loaches. basically, odd things!!!!! but that is a good idea...
so... time for an update. i start work officially next monday, and will start saving as soon as i can. we have scrap wood in my yard i may be able to use also... i have shanged my plans some... my bf and i decided we didnt have space for a true dalek (6'Hx3'Wx4'L) and im going to evtent the base town @ the same angles as the tank itself, so it will be the same height, but 3'x3' approx @ the bottom.
Got the shrimp im gonna put in it 2day (thanx max!!) And 1 of my key plants. Not only did i get a couple extra culls, but 1 of the very nicely colored females was berried and had babies while shipping. Everyone arrived safe and sound.

If i remember correctly he had blue shrimp in with his rcs, i think i got a hybrid... idk what ill name him, but he is def being kept and spoiled!!! Also shows a well colored rcs and a cull...

The female that i think had a the babies!!
Better pics of both, and a pic of babies!!!(how many can you see?)


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i need someone to check my math, just to make sure its right... if the tank is 24 inches high, with a side length of 10.75 inches for bottom, and 9.75 inches @ the top... the area of the bottom being 557.99 square inches, and area of top being 459 square inches, the total volume is 52.83 US gallons, or 12203.88 cubic inches... sound right to you guys? please check my math and feel free to correct any mistakes you see. :banghead::banghead:
sad news...

so after crunching some numbers 2day i have decided the dalek tank will noe be feasable as a full size as was planned, but my boyfriend suggested i used the 1g hex he bought me as a start of a mini dalek... so im now going to do a 29g community with my planned stock for the dalek, as well as the 1g mini dalek which will house shrimp... if anything changes ill let you guys know. and as i am still building the mini i will continue to post pics as work progresses.
thanx for the support.
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