Hair Algae Issue

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Feb 23, 2022
Need help with hair algae in nano reef tank any tips?
Trying to go without chemical treatment if possible!

A Few Side Notes:
1. I have an emerald crab that isn't eating the algae
2. I had two snails that killed each other; they didn't do much
3. I don't have a skimmer
4. Might get filter floss over skimmer part to reduce phosphates (comment below if good idea)
5. My corals are open in my tank so the tank in general is healthy
6. Tank was cycled before adding anything big
7. Should I add cleaner shrimp or blennies?
8. This is a Fluval Sea EVO 13.5 Gallon tank

PM or comment below
Also PM for photos of tank!!
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You have a an unbalanced nutrient issue. What is your NO3 and PO4 testing at? Feeding schedule? What do you feed? Water changes?

Best way to combat hair algae is to find what’s fueling it, and correct it. Usually feeding too much, not enough export via water changes or filtration, etc. Manually remove as much as you can, do more frequent, or larger, water changes. Feed frozen instead of pellets. All of these will help your issue out.

Just because your corals are open does not mean they are healthy. They could lack color, be reaching, etc. High levels of nutrients are actually growth inhibiting. PO4 will bind onto the alk/cal and prevent the coral skeletons from growing in a rate at which they should.
To add to what flaxon said how old is your tank? Are you using rodi? Do you have a pic? Usually manual removal is the best way to deal with hair algae and then solving the underlying issue.
We need to know the answers to the questions asked. In the meantime frequent PWC's are needed.
What I do for all types of algae, is I have a toothbrush that I use just for my tanks and I rub off the algae. That should work, but it will come right back if you don't figure out what caused it in the first place. I would test the water for phosphates, calcium, etc. Most people just have the master test kit and not the additional tests, so if you don't want to buy a test you can just go to your LFS. Most lfs will test the water for free. Once you have the results let us know.

Edit: Also, not that it should matter, but what is your filtration setup? Like what are the layers of filtration that you have?
You need to check the source water to make sure that you're not adding the nutrients yourself. A water test of your source water should be adequate. I hope you were able to find the source.
I figured out that since the tank is new (ish) I will have algea outbreaks for like a year or so until settled, after that I should be fine.

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