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Mar 6, 2004
Hi All,
from the attached picture I'm sure you can see my need for a background. My tanks is a 210 gallon, 30" high. No one that I can find, makes a 30" high background so I decided to make a live rock wall between the overflows. My plan is to get some live rock rubble, glue them together using some sort of water safe epoxy. Drain 1/2 the tank into garbage cans and glue the wall to the glass. Anyone ever try this? Any tips? Also any suggestions as to some good quality adhesive?
Thank you for your time.
alot of lfs tanks I have seen build the back wall until you can't see it with just live rock, kinda like a sea clif.I think they look good.Post a pic when your done and good luck
I would not do it. Silicon will hold the rock to the glass but you have to get it to setup first.

Why not just cover the back of the tank with a solid color like dark blue or black. I would not pile up rocks directly aganst the back glass as that would inhibit good water circulation around the rocks and provide places for detrius to collect eventually causing algae issues.
Good ideas but its up in my finished basement, against an outer wall. No way I could move it without emptying it.
That it! Thanks much. The only difference is I would like to use live rock. Will have to play around with this, nut I have some ideas now.
Thanks much!! :D
I ran into a simular problem when I got my 175gal. No one makes a back ground big enough, and I didnt have time to paint it. (my 120 was leaking and I needed to replace it now!) Anyway...what I did was take a black cloth, double it, and tack it behind the tank, but low enough that you cant see it around the edges. You cant tell that its not painted.
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