need a new light fixture for my Oceanic 4ft 55 gal.

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Dec 5, 2004
Glen Ellyn, IL
I have an oceanic 55 gal tank, the 4 ft long flavor. It came with an oceanic flourescent light fixture ten years ago. I have broken the connector for the flourescent bulb. Since I have a matching tank, stand, and canopy, does anyone know who would manufacture a 4 ft long fixture that would fit on top of the tank but below the canopy?

Sure, I could track down an oceanic dealer nearby, but since the light is hidden, no need to have a purty matching fixture. Any ideas?
Isn't Oceanic a subsidiary of All-Glass now? It's possible that the All-Glass hoods are compatible with Oceanic. The ten year difference may make this a moot point.
Well, Nevermind! Being aggravated that a tiny plastic piece disabled my whole light, I took it apart. Removed the offending piece, then went to the hardware store. I rummaged through a box of old, discarded flourescent light stuff, found a socket that looked like it might fit. I gently crammed the new socket into place, used metal shears and clippers to trim bits and pieces of the new socket that would not cooperate, plugged the wires back in, and reassembled.

So instead of spending $50 (?) on a new fixture, I spent a $1.29 on a new socket and $48 in sweat and aggravation. I figure I came out 71 cents ahead.
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