need equipment recommendation for my new 30g!

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Jun 7, 2004
Hey all! I've had a 10g hex all the time and I'm moving up to a 30g standard size! I need some filter recommendations for it! HOB or canister is fine. the 10g hex has a betta and about a dozen ghost shrimp! Anything else anyone wants to add so I don't forget?
All the way with Rich. I run an AC50 on my 29, and an AC 20 on my QT 15.

Never had a problem. Very Quiet, Easy to clean, And Cheap!
You could go with a Rena XP1 cannister if you want to spend the money. Or you could go with all the suggestions above and get an Aquaclear HOB. I have an AC on every one of my tanks. I have an AC50 on my 29g and you could go with that or the 70 for your 30g.
sounds good! i'll be picking up one of those shortly... now i can't wait to start stocking this baby!
Magnums are generally bypassed for better cannisters (Rena, Fluval and Eheim). I've heard of people who like them, but most people I talk to don't.
I have a Magnum 350 and a Millenium 2000 on my 42 gallon hex. The magnum is incredible. It takes a little time when 1st out of the box, but it is easy going afterwards, especially with the quick shut of valves. Flow rate for the money, I think the Magnum is a great deal. I know several people who run Magnums and love them. Of course, I don't have any experience with other cannister filters, but this rookie likes his Magnum.
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