Need help with coralife fixture - fan not working?

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Apr 20, 2008
Findlay, Ohio
Hello again :)

I have the coralife aqualight pro 48"

I decided to turn on my MH lights ( usually off) and keep them on for a while and noticed it doesnt seem that any of the fans are on/working. I dont have everything hooked up - i only have one of the mh's on ( cant remember if theres a different plug for the fans?) but I remember when I tested the lights when I got them the fan came on when the MH's came on - even if just one mh was on. Are the fans broken do you think? Need some insight here

I don't have a coralife MH fixture, but on my coralife PC fixture the fans are temp controlled, so they'll only come on as it warms up.
Interesting. Though it seemed before, when I turned on my MH's the fan came on immediately.. I left them on for about 20 mins yesterday, the top was almost hot and the fans were not on. I'm not sure why they would not be turning on.. I haven't done anything to the fixture. I've taken it off to readjust a leg, but thats about it.. any more insight?
The next step would be to remove the fans and make sure they're connected properly. May be a broken solder joint or something simple.
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