Need help with tank selection for saltwater tank

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May 14, 2009
New York
Hi All
I want to set up a saltwater tank and am not sure which type of tank is better. I want to start off with fish and live rock and maybe down the road build it into a reef. The tank size i want is 150 Gallons with the following dimensions 60 x 24 x 25 however they manufacture 250 gallon tanks that are 72 x 18 x 25 which is creating a dilemma for me. Which is better for the fish length or depth? Additional info, The tank I am eyeballing is the Oceanic Ultimate (starphire front glass) 156 gallon. Ahhh, I have another question, does the starphire glass really make that big of a difference with a tank this size? I will buy the tank based upon your advice, you have been all so very helpful and I greatly value your opinions.:p
The bigger the better.
It's about what you can afford.
I've never seen Starphire glass in person, but I've read several posts about it.
Not one of the buyers regretted buying it.
It's supposed to be awesome.

But just what I have read.
Oh.. the longer the better.

Fish like to swim sideways.. not really up and down...

Especially tangs.. if you are thinking about getting them..
the 6 foot tank would be much better.
I like the idea of the 150. I have a 125 and really like the 6 ft tank. That would be a great tank.
I like the idea of the 150. I have a 125 and really like the 6 ft tank. That would be a great tank.
This is a tough one, the 60" version will fit perfectly in the spot slated for it plus i felt the depth would keep the fish from seeming like they are on top of one another when they grow up. The 72" version is 18" deep. This is frustrating.
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