Need some skimmer advise

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Mar 22, 2006
My sump for the skimmer is 8" wide by 17-1/2" long and the water level is set at 12" deep. Question is will a Octopus 150 needle wheel pump fit in this space, they say footprint is 6" x 12" and set water level using the telescoping riser tube.

Please let me know if someone has this skimmer and check the measurements to make sure it will fit, before I buy one and does anyone have a used one for sale.

I have an Octo NW200, whch is the next size up from the NW150. You do set the water level inside the skimmer with the riser, but the skimmer shouldn't sit in 12" of water...that's too deep. You need to build a platform for it so it only sits in about 8".
Not sure where you got that measurement for the footprint, but it's more like 10"x9". Octo NW150 or Octo NW150
Well the information was from a listing on Ebay, said footprint 6"x12" thats why I ask someone first. Thanks for the info, is there a skimmer out there that will work. If so let me know.
I have the Octo NW150 Looks like the 2nd link but mine has a plate on the bottom. So it gives you the bigger footprint
My sump for the skimmer is 8" wide by 17-1/2" long. So can anyone give me a skimmer's name or model # that will work in this space that I have.

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