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Jun 2, 2012
Hey everyone!!! I've recently gotten four new additions to my tank that I'd like to know the names to. I believe the Anemone is called Purple Tip Anemone. And I was told the Zoas were called Magicians, which I later found out they wern't. Any help in Identifing any of there would be VERY helpful (esp the Zoas)!!! Thanks:cool:


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I believe The anenome is a condylactus anenome they come all kinds of colors, the second is a flower pot coral and the third looks like button polyps...u can look those names up on if u wanna match up the pictures but i think thats what those are....i actually have a flowerpot in my tank that i can show u a pic of
If your talking about the purple tube its a cocoa worm feather duster
Make sure the flower pot is in med -high water flow . Middle of the tank not too low . I did that mistake once and regret it but luckily someone told me in time and went back alive
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