Neon Tetra more red

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Mar 22, 2024
I have a neon that has more red on his underbelly not just towards the tail end.
Just wandering if he's ok.


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Yes it is but never seen one that has red straight across the like the blue strip, normally the red is at the tail end.
Red is at the tail end on neon tetras. The red runs the whole length of the body on cardinal tetras. Your fish is a cardinal tetra, not a neon tetra.

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Neon tetra.

Screenshot_20240323-081030_Samsung Internet.jpg
Cardinal tetra.
Interesting, I didn't know that, thank you. I have 10 neons and haha just one Cardinal.
Thanks again. 👍
Cardinal tetras are also bigger fish when fully grown. Neons average 2.5cm/ 1" whereas cardinals average 3.5cm/ 1.5".

As the fish doesnt have any friends of its own species its behavior will be unpredictable. It might make the best of the situation and just join in with the neons. It might get aggessive and being the bigger fish it could turn into a bit of a bully. You should keep an eye on things or if the tank will accommodate some more fish why not increase the group of cardinals to 6 fish?
Ok thanks again for the info, I definitely keep an eye on the cardinal, they must of been mixed at the pet store (neons & cardinas), but at least now I know what to look for. 👍 cheers.
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