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Mar 25, 2011
Asheville, NC
I recetly set up a 20 gallon in the family room. We got a pictus cat, upside down cat, 2 black neon tetras. we have some anacris in there too. We just changed to this setup a few days ago, before this we had 3 huge goldfish that were pretty smelly and dirty, so we took them to the aquarium store and traded them out for the ones I mentioned.

I'd like to get some more plants and 1-2 more upside down cats so they can hang out together. not sure if there is enough room though.

Our pictus cat was established in there b4 the change, but since then he is frantic in one side of the tank, seems he's going after his reflection...any advice on this? is it normal?

anyway looking to have fun with it alll with the kids, but want to have a bit of a natural cycle that the fish and plants complement one another in a balanced enviroment. Although I understand theere will be some water changing and mainteneance. thanks, Ron
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