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May 14, 2005
Feasterville Pa
Well I just set up my "new" remora c with prefilter box that I bought from nycpassat (thanks again). Obviously I don't have any skim yet and probably won't see any for at least a few days or more from what I've been reading. I tightened the screws on the box down onto the mj1200 to hold it in place. Is this what everyone else has done or is there another way? With that set up there is about 1/2" clearance between the box and glass and doesn't seem to be perfectly level, but it is close. With the initial placement it isn't pulling all the film off the surface like I expected. Also it is a little louder than my previous skimmer. Nothing more than a low hiss that is drown out with the tv. Any advice you guys can give me in setting it up right? And one final question for now: where can i get replacement suction cups for the mj1200? Mine are shot!
It should get quieter over the next couple weeks. Mine was pretty obnoxious when I first fired it up. Luckily, I'd seen a couple in operation other places and knew it could be quieter! And it eventually settled down.

Regarding the skimmer box, sounds like you have it set up right. Kinda weird the way they designed that, isn't it. You hang the box off the pump, which in turn hangs off the tube, which hangs off the skimmer. Make DARN sure those clamps are all tight that keep everything hooked up to the skimmer! (Not a big fan of that box... guess that's why you can find mine "For Sale" in the classifieds! Never even been in saltwater!)
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