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I wanted to 405 and I e-mailed the lady she told me it came with everything except the hosing and fittings! Is that why the price is knocked down so much?
must be, you can buy the hose and stuff seperate as replacement parts. I would be curious why they are missing.

Also it comes with ribbed hose and I think some others say it tends to clog easier then regular hose, I think a couple others have replaced the ribbed hose with normal smooth tubing.
Heres some parts:
Aquarium Fluval Canister Parts at Big Al's Online

I guess I'd ask if it comes with the "aquastop" valve that goes on the cannister or what exactly its missing. Prob with all the hassle its not a good deal especially if its used.

Heres the manual and what it should come with:
Thanks Speed, I was wondering why it was so cheap, and the funny thing is that she said it was all brand new, never opened?:confused:
I just bought a Rena XP4 for my 100 Gallon to replace my magnum 350. We just moved to a new home and I have yet to restart my tank but want to be very choosey at what kind of setup I want to run. Any tips you may have about the Rena XP4 filters would be appreciated as I have never owned one of these. is there anything i should know like how to correctly fill the 4 media baskets ? I know the coarse pads go on the bottom and the fine pad goes up on top. My questions are the middle baskets which have a divider in each one. I am thinking the divider is to put on top of the bio-media to keep it in place however, the drawing on the box shows media both on the bottom & on top of the divider but the instructions don't. can you experienced XP filter owners tell me what method works best to fill the center baskets and what kinds of bio-media do you use ? Mine came with some stars. Also, the bio-chem zorb, is that used in place of regular carbon ? My independant fish dealer sells rena filstars but says you CANNOT get parts for them is this true ?
not a problem.. I've been checking them out and they seem to have pretty low prices, I plan on getting the rock kit that they have.
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