New Chiller--strange operation??

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Aug 17, 2005
The Wasteland, MI
I just installed an Arctica Titanium chiller. It is about the size of a computer case, makes no noise and cools great. The strange thing is the cooling cycle. I thought if you set the chiller to keep your tank at 79 for example, the chiller would keep the tank right at 79--with a little variance. This chiller works like this: if you want the tank to be 79, you set the chiller to 80, then the chiller will turn on at 81 and cool shutting off when the tank is back at 79. So there is a 2 degree temperature swing. I called the manufacture and they said this is normal. Is this the way other people's chillers cycle? Thanks. R
I dont know anything about chillers but some heaters behave the same... If you set the temperature to be at 25*C, sometimes it is lower... sometimes it is higher... it depends how big your tank is, because it will not be the same as manufactures "testing" tank
Its about duty cycle.. keeping your tank at an exact temperature would require the compressor to make more on/off cycles and would wear it out prematurely. Same holds true with heating elements.
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